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Saudi Activist Hala Aldosari wins the Freedom House Prize.

هالة-انجلنزيThe Saudi Organization for Rights and Freedoms gladly congrats Saudi activist and writer Hala Aldosari the winning of Freedom House Prize in the 75th anniversary of its establishment.

SORAF also congrats Saudi society in general and Saudi women in particular for this achievement as Aldosari was the first Saudi to win this prize. She represents the free Saudi society including men and women. This prize comes as an appreciation for her efforts to enlighten public about human rights violations in Saudi Arabia via researches and reports specially those related to women.

SORAF is proud of this prize and calls upon free writers specially women in Saudi to express themselves strongly and call openly for their freedom, deny violations and demand rights that were given to them by laws.

Freedom House is an independent institution cares about monitoring freedoms and democracies all over the world.

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