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Saudi Arabian women take to Twitter to campaign against male guardianship


Women across Saudi Arabia have joined a social media campaign calling for the end of the guardianship system. People took to Twitter, using the hashtag #TogetherToEndMaleGuardianship, to show their support and demand social reform. Currently women are not allowed to make major lifestyle decisions without the permission of their male guardians. The prohibition covers issues such as travelling abroad, getting married and wanting to work. ...

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A statement on the violations committed against female prisoners in criminal cases and the need to raise awareness about their legal rights which shall not be flouted by the authorities


The female prisoners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the problems they encounter in prisons and detentions centers, and the violations committed against them, seem to be the weakest link in terms of the follow-up and the attention of media and official institutions or human rights organizations. Why not be? And the rights of Saudi women are flouted and violated, ...

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Saudis ‘lied to UN’ over sentencing juveniles to death


Saudi Arabia has been accused of lying to the United Nations after it told a committee on children’s rights that it does not sentence juveniles to death. Saudi Arabia’s oral testimony to the committee in Geneva runs contrary to its written evidence, which admits that minors can be sentenced to death for several offences under Islamic law. It also contradicts ...

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